Improve Your Home with Impact Windows

As every Floridian knows, hurricanes can wreak havoc on a home in a matter of seconds.  While the rain can do significant damage, it is the wind that starts the damage to begin with.  If you haven’t replaced your windows recently or if you cover them with plywood or shutters at the first hint of a hurricane, we recommend that you consider installing impact windows.

These windows will not only keep the wind from breaking into your home, they will keep all the other objects that fly around during the storm from going through them.  Of course, impact windows will also provide you with many other benefits that you will love.

Replacing your windows with impact windows will help lower your energy bills each month.  The special panes of glass will keep the intense heat from entering your home, so your air conditioner will not need to run as often to keep the temperature consistent inside your home.

Those multiple panes of glass will also assist in keeping intruders out, because they would need to break multiple layers of glass before they can enter through the window.  It would take them too long and they would be noticed way before they were able to complete their task.


Impact windows will help you save money in other ways as well.  Your furniture will not get ruined from the sun’s rays once you install impact windows, because those rays will be blocked.  You will benefit from lower homeowner’s insurance premiums, since the windows are much sturdier and can hold up under the most undesirable conditions.  The possibility of less property damage means the insurance company will not need to make large payouts and that saves you money!

While you may not care too much about how much your home is worth when you are living there, it is important to know.  Installing impact windows can drastically increase the value of your home and that will be a huge benefit to you when it comes time to sell.

You may be thinking that installing impact sounds fabulous, but you have no way to pay for it.  Well, that is where the PACE financing program comes in handy.  PACE will let you finance one hundred percent of the installation of impact windows and it isn’t dependent on your credit score.  Instead, it takes your home’s equity into account.  The amount can be financed for twenty years and the amount that is due each year is added onto your property bill.  The best part of the PACE program is if you sell your home, that financing is automatically transferred to the new owners and you won’t need to finish paying it off!

Don’t put off installing new windows any longer.  Hurricane season is quickly approaching, and you are going to want to keep your home and your family safe from everything that comes your way.